Spending a day with the locals of Amed

Today our hotel neighbour, a solo traveller from Australia, was kind enough to reveal his secret spots in Amed. Our adventures together began with eating delicious street food of which contents we were unsure. We could identify some components such as chicken and pork however other aspects of the meal were unidentifiable but luckily, scrumptious. We…

Bali’s Bizarre Paradise

Surprisingly, our farewell from Fred was very short as he returned to Amed the same evening as he had forgotten a large amount of cash in his room. After playing card games and laughing about his silly mistake, we decided that we’d go free diving together the following day at the Tulamben Shipwreck.

Goodbye New Zealand and Hello to our Next Adventure; Bali.

After waking from a very short and surprisingly restful sleep on the airport floor (our flight was leaving early so we decided that sleeping at the airport was a better option than paying an extra night at the hostel) it was time to check into our flight to Sydney. After a very short wait, we…

Ubud – Bali’s Heart of Art and Culture.

Upon arriving late in Denpasar, we never anticipated that we’d get through customs, receive our luggage so quickly and then be welcomed into Bali with so much kindness.

Castle Hill & Arthurs Pass

Our introduction to Arthurs Pass started with a cosy stay in Springfield. Here we were able to have our first warm shower since we had started our trip. We felt as though we had won the lottery.

Dunedin: A Cultural Experience

Lea and I still haven’t recovered fully from our stomach bug. This combined with the grey weather resulted in our decision to visit the Otago museum in Dunedin. A grand decision as the museum was full of interesting activities and packed with knowledge and history. It was a “window on the natural history of Otago, as…

Queenstown: A Place to Fall In Love With

Our first encounter with Queenstown was one of absolute awe. The minute we drove into the cute town, we knew that we liked it here. From our car alone, we were able to observe the lovely atmosphere of this place. Upon stepping out of our overheating Gustav (the name we’ve given our car) our assumption…

Roys Peak: a Struggle Worth Enduring

After yesterday’s late start, we decided that we’d wake really early in order to climb Roys Peak before the midday heat. This seemed a lot easier when planning than when done.

Mt Iron: Our Introduction to Wanaka

Arriving in Wanaka yesterday was an awesome experience. The drive next to Lake Hawea was absolutely stunning. The towering, naked alpine range was continually embraced by the deep blue water of the lake. The contrast between the two was so perfectly matched that it seemed fake. I don’t think that we’ve pulled over as many…

Hokitika Gorge: Real-life Photoshop

Waking in the goldborough scenic reserve was a very wet and cold experience. Our tent felt like the Antarctic this morning. So we quickly got up and put on as many clothes as we could find and our morning slippers (aka hiking boots).

Mt Robert

After leaving our second favourite camping spot near Motueka, we headed back to Nelson. Here we quickly stocked up on supplies and bought a warmer sleeping bag for Lea. We then continued on the SH60 towards Westport.